Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Rejuvenation Facial

A Rejuvenate oxygen treatment is a non invasive treatment that targets the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dramatically enhances overall hydration. These facials are designed for all skin types, to purify the skin of dead cells and imperfections for a moisturized, soft, and revitalized complexion.
30-60 Minutes

Oxygen Facial with Atoxolene

Oxygen Facial combined with our Atoxolene application for a younger, more vibrant skin complexion. This is an alternative to Botox without the invasion of needles and chemicals.
45-60 Minutes

Opulence Brightening Infusion

Effectively softens the appearance of age spots and uneven skin tone while brightening the skins appearance and improving radiance and vitality. Skin looks younger and lit from within. Ideal for dull, uneven skin tone, dark spots, melasma, sun damage and premature aging. Oxygen Infusion Therapy is applied afterwards.
45-60 Minutes

Oxygen Infusion Therapy

Oxygen Infusion Facial begins its moisturizing work beneath the surface of the skin to help regenerate new skin cells more quickly. This is a perfect treatment for individuals suffering from fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, acne, dry skin, burns, sun damage, scar tissue, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, Couperose and Erythema, as well as normal skin just in need of a hydration boost!


Atoxolene is designed as a skin-smoothing complex that has the effect of holding the face without the accompanying paralysis that is found in other treatments. Atoxolene works by holding the skin firmly, while at the same time improving skin elasticity and preventing the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Both treatments are painless, relaxing and provide instant results just after one treatment!

Oxygen Inhalation

Oxygen Inhalation is great for migraine sufferers, headaches, nausea, sinus, fatigue, hangovers, stress reduction and promotes general good health. It will clear and brighten your eyes, improve your immune system, digestion and provide an overall feeling of alertness. Look great and feel better instantly! There are no exclusions to the skin types that benefit from this extremely visible therapy. Great for anyone!
20-40 Minutes